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ACSI Accredited

ACSI-smallCCAP has been ACSI Accredited since 2008.  In looking for a quality early education center, accreditation is an indicator that the program values young children enough to pursue excellence in every aspect of its operation. Enrolling your child in an early education center accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International promotes a quality experience for your child. ACSI’s commitment to high-quality early care and education is evidenced by its intentional investment in early education over the recent years.


The Process

ACSI accreditation, specifically, requires centers to perform a self-study evaluating every aspect of its program against standards which represent best practice in the field.

In general, the program must document how they are promoting children’s growth in the following areas: cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual. A significant feature of ACSI accreditation is the emphasis on children’s spiritual development, viewed as an integral component of their overall development. To this end, accreditation requires the center leadership and staff to examine the impact of the teacher/child interactions, the environment and the program upon the children’s spiritual development.

The process of accreditation includes the following components:

  • Completion of a self-study, based on active participation and feedback from all staff members.
  • On-site verification of the self-study by trained evaluators with expertise in early childhood education
  • Accreditation decision made upon review of the program’s self-study, visiting team report and supporting documentation in the detailed observation guide.
  • Submission of an annual report detailing the preschool’s response to recommendation of the visiting team
  • Renewal of accreditation every three years